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1402, 2019

Beth’s Business Blog-Moving the Needle

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Move the needle might be a tired cliché or metaphor, but for entrepreneurs it’s an important gauge for whether you’re making progress. As entrepreneurs we get stuck in thinking that ‘launching’ requires a big idea that changes the course of history. We, therefore, delay launching new products or companies because we’re waiting for ‘perfection’ or the next big technology disruptor. Not all businesses need to be 100% ready in order to launch, nor do we need [...]

1402, 2019

Everyday Entrepreneur Pathway Program Testimonial: Amy MacDonald – MacDonald Designs

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Through the Park City BRC, I took the Everyday Entrepreneur Pathway Program (EEPP) which introduced me to a new way of thinking about developing and implementing business ideas in an encouraging and realistic manner. Being a creative person, having a means to structure innovation is empowering. I learned how to concept test and learned that my ideas had legs to them and were worthy of developing. I had a distinctive ah-ha moment while in the classroom [...]

1402, 2019

Interview with Joshua Prieto of Know Better Brand: A Mill Business Incubator Graduate

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What originally brought you to the Business Incubator (The Mill)? I first came to The Mill by attending an Entrepreneur Launch Pad meeting. After a few ELP meetings, I eventually found out that the space we were meeting in was a co-working environment for entrepreneurs like me. I met several interesting characters and thought I'd enjoy getting away from the lonely work of being an entrepreneur and place myself around other entrepreneurs doing interesting [...]

1501, 2019

Letter from Executive Director Beth Colosimo

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Happy New Year. A goal I’ve had for a long time has been to write more. I have more year’s business experience than I care to admit and I love sharing and exchanging ideas. Putting ideas down on paper can make you vulnerable to criticism, but can also provide a helpful forum to share information. As a small business owner and now an administrator for small business training and education programs, I hope to provide ideas and information to those [...]

1501, 2019

WEC Busine$$ Grant Competition

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In 2019, the Women's Entrepreneurial Conference will be hosting it's Third Annual Grant Competition on Wednesday, April 17th at Holladay City Hall. Due to the generosity of their 2018 WEC Donors and Sponsors, the WEC Planning Committee will award 25 grants totaling over $ 19,000 statewide! The Pitch Competition will begin with the quarterfinals in Northern and Southern Utah, where a total of 24 quarter finalists (12 from Northern Utah and 12 from Southern [...]