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Follow us to see all of the great things going on at the MBRC. We have some amazing clients, programs, and partnerships that are constantly doing great things for the business community in Utah.
1508, 2019

Tim Cooley on Fox 13’s The Place

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The Mill at Miller Campus Can Get Your Business Idea Off The Ground! Click the link below to watch Tim Cooley on Fox 13's "The Place" and learn how The Mill can help your business or nurture your next idea.

1508, 2019

Utah Business Magazine: SL SBDC/Crowdfunding Spotlight

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The Salt Lake SBDC was highlighted in Utah Business Magazine in an article about Crowdfunding. They were featured alongside Funded.Today, Dorai, Culinesco, and Hello! Bulk Markets. Read the article here:

1508, 2019

The Mill At Miller Campus Business Spotlight: Salty Slopes Social Good Software

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Rick Hernandez, Founder of Salty Slopes helps organizations in the Arts and Culture space be more operationally efficient using the CRM systems they have in place already. "We have obtained our first account and we are now scaling up with more accounts using a systematic approach," said Hernandez. "We essentially have been creating a "McDonald's Experience" for our clients from awareness, acquisition, activation, and retention. It's been challenge creating the business systems to be [...]

1508, 2019

Miller Cafe Is Getting A Facelift: Open During Construction!

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The Miller Cafe at Miller Campus is getting a new look. They removed the center island and point of sale, as well as the big glass wall. In the next 3 months, expect to see a new salad/soup bar, new point of sale layout, new lighting, and a fresh look.

1605, 2019

The Everday Entrepreneur’s Journey

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Last month, we graduated our 4thcohort of Everyday Entrepreneurs. This random group of 11 found themselves together for 14 weeks on their collective journey to starting businesses. What a difference 3 months makes! Day one, most weren’t sure what they’d gotten themselves into, but persevered and returned a second week. Many were ready to quit a few weeks in. Pia was stuck on figuring out a prototype for her magnetic water bottle case and was stuck. Carly was hung up [...]